January Pride Award Winner

Pride award – Sheila Matthiesen

Congratulations to Sheila Matthiesen, the District’s January PRIDE award winner!  Sheila works in our school’s food service as server and cashier for Lunch Time Solutions.  She was nominated by parents in our District.

IMG_1649The parents who nominated Sheila noted the impact she has on their children through her caring attitude and approach to her job.  The text from her nomination speaks for itself:

Each Day, Ms. Matthiesen warmly greets each student with a smile and BY NAME as they come through the lunch line.  She makes every student feel welcomed and valued.  She even knows most, if not, all of the students’ lunch number by memory!  This week, when our family’s  account went below zero, Ms. Matthiesen allowed the second of our three children to eat with the promise that our third child would bring a check for them both.  As a mom, I am comforted to know that there are people at school looking out for my kids’ best interest…even in the lunch line! I am thankful for Ms. Mattheisen and all she does for the Garretson School and our students.

We offer our congratulations and our thanks, to Sheila for having a positive impact on our students and our school.  Keep up the great work!

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