Where’s the worksheet?

Over the last three years, the Garretson School District has been moving towards a 1:1 ratio of iPads to students in grades 6-12.  The 17-18 school year saw the 1:1 idea become reality.  Every students in grades 6-12 has been issued an iPad for their use, and have the ability to take the device home when they are not at school.

Technology, in, and of, itself does not necessarily result in quality education.  However, it is a tool that opens many doors and makes possible so many different classroom activities that engage and inspire students.  Julie Mueller, our middle school science teacher can see some of those possibilities.  She recently led students in a “pancake lab” to show the different ways that heat can be transferred.  The lab was a good “hands on” experience that had a real reward at the end (everybody had some pancakes!!!), and normally, this kind of classroom experience is followed up by some kind of worksheet to check for students’ understanding of the material.  Mrs. Mueller wanted to allow the students to show her what they learned in a more interesting way, so she asked the students to create a video that showed the three main methods of transferring heat energy.  In her words, “it’s more fun for my students, and its way more fun for me to grade than a worksheet could ever be.”  Sydney Olson, one of the sixth grade students in the class gave me permission to share her video – take a look!  She did a great job on it, and yes, it definitely looks like way, way WAY more fun than filling out a worksheet.

Great job, sixth graders, on your first video lab report, and compliments to Mrs. Mueller, one of our teachers who continues to learn and grow herself so that she can provide an engaging classroom experience for every one of our students!

Check out Sydney’s video below!


Photo credits -Sydney Olson_s iMovie Lab Report